The Man Scene Lister

  • Simple Setup
  • Easy to use
  • Great for individual & team use.

Life is a bit easier with Scene Lister!

Always forget something while changing the scenes?

This is so normal. There are a bunch of things that you need to set before hitting the render button. 

  • Object Visibility – This alone is already the top reason why you might need to re-render everything. Something would slip off your mind when you try to remember to hide this or that for each specific scene.

  • Render Settings – Countless of settings to do for your nice renders to happen. It’s possible that you might have to have different settings for each scenes. My script will help you by remembering many of the render settings, so that you don’t forget it.

  • Not your fault – Working with your team is possible to have some errors in the communication. Sometimes your team might not fully understand what you want. Sometimes your settings is a lot to take for others and it becomes quite overwhelming for them. Set all the scene and tell them to load the scene and continue your work from that point. This gives them a good head start.

Get started by watching these videos!

Quick Start!

Scene Set?

Advance Settings


– Vray Next / 4 (Vray 5 not tested yet)

– Corona 5

– 3Ds Max 2017 +

My script is tested with Vray Next, Corona, 3Ds Max 2017, However, most of the script is universal. It should work with any other renderers. If you’re using other renderers, the script will say that you’re using the ‘Experimental’ mode which is the universal mode. If you’re not using Corona or Vray please do try anyway, if it cause any problem, you can email me right away, I’ll try to fix it.



The Man Scene Lister script is free for anyone to use, please have fun using it.

  • If you find the script helpful and time saving, you can donate to support me with the button below
  • Bug reports & Feature requests, please feel free to email me at :


  • v 2.30
    • Bug fixes
    • UI polishing
    • Temporary disable save output (for test render)
    • Add render presets support (after I removed it on the v 2.00)
  • v 2.20
    • Advance Settings & Corona Support.
    • Experimental mode for universal renderer support.
  • v 2.10
    • Scene Name fixed number so that the ID is clearer and never be confused
  • v 2.00
    • Begin again from scratch.
    • Change to Scene name based system.
    • Scene ID & Scene Name
    • Ability to choose the same Scene Set for many scene.
  •  v 1.56
    • Add Vray Output support.
  • v 1.45
    • UI fix
    • Add Batch Render
    • Add Network Render icon
    • Adjust some more notes
    • Add more tools into the SL Tools
  • v 1.32
    • Add Network Render
  • v 1.20
    • Remove Notes
    • Add About button
    • Donation Button
  • v 1.10
    • Changed from ‘Frame’ to ‘Frame Start & End’ for animation support.
  • v 1.00
    • The beginning of everything.
    • Scene Set Based lister.



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